Brahma Vishnu Shiva

Brahma Vishnu Shiva, often known as Trimurti or Trideva. People who believe in Hinduism believe that this is the supreme power of this world. However, Hinduism does not believe in monotheism. there is a lot of god and goddess here. Every god and goddess have their own glory and all the Gods and Gods are always moving forward for public welfare. Among all these Gods and Goddesses, people, who say Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, are considered the most powerful God.

According to Hinduism, these three gods are special for a specific work, and they are also known by their work.

  • Brahma

Lord Brahma is known for the creation of this world. His role in Tridev is to create the Universe. They have four faces which are also called the face of the Vedas. It is believed that Bhagavan Brahma gave knowledge of all the four Vedas to the sages. Goddess Saraswati is his wife who is worshiped as the goddess of knowledge.

  • Vishnu

Lord Vishnu, who is also called Palanhar of this world, is an important part of Tridev. The creation that is composed by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu protects them from all kinds of obstacles. Therefore, in Hinduism, he is also called Palanhar with devotees love. Lord Vishnu has taken many incarnations to establish rule of Dharma in the world. His wife’s name is Goddess Lakshmi and she is worshiped as the goddess of wealth.

  • Shiva

Lord Shiva is also called the God of destruction. Lord Shiva has a special identity in Trideva. According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva destroys everyone at the end of the cycle, from which a new creation is created again. Therefore, he is called the god of destruction. Due to his special nature, people also call him God of Gods. His wife is Devi Parvati and is worshiped by devotees as Shakti (power).

brahma vishnu shiva

Evolution of Brahma Vishnu Shiva

We can understand about how Tridev or Brahma Vishnu Shiva came into existence in two ways, one on the basis of logical and research and the other according to the belief of Hindu religion.

Logical Concept of Brahma Vishnu Shiva

It is believed that when the religions were established, the Hindu religion was not the same as it is now, at that time all the religions were different. For example, people who worship Lord Shiva are called Shaivik. People who worshiped Lord Vishnu were called Vaishnavas. But around 1200 to 400 BC, all sects started coming together for mutual harmony and unity. Later on, all sects began to believe in Trimurti as a separate form of God of their sect.

Born of Brahma Vishnu Shiva as per Hinduism Vedic Text

There is a lot of story prevalent in the Vedic books about how the Tridev originated. According to Vishnupuran, Lord Vishnu is unborn, he was before the beginning of creation and will remain after the end of creation. Lord Brahma originated from his navel lotus. For a long time he wandered in the lotus flower, then Bhavan Vishnu asked him to do penance. After doing penance, Lord Brahma came to know that he was born for the creation of the universe. This is how Lord Brahma was born. It is known through Vishnu Purana that Lord Shiva originated from both the arms of Lord Brahma. According to a story, when Lord Brahma created his four sons and asked them to cooperate in the creation of the universe, they refused. Due to which Lord Brahma got angry on him and at the time of that anger a baby was born from both his arms who was crying like Rudra. 

Lord Vishnu
Image Source - Dainik Bhaskar

The story of Shiv puran, in the context of the Creation of Tridev

We also get the source of a story related to the origin of Tridev from Shivpuran. According to one story, Lord Vishnu was born from the energy of Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma was born from his navel lotus. Lord Shiva is considered eternal here. Means he was not born, he appeared on his own. We get the description of his corporeal form when a dispute arises between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu as to who came first in the universe?

After that Lord Shiva tells that both of you originated from our own energy. According to Shivpuran, it is believed that this world originated from Lord Shiva and at the end of time, he destroys everyone.

Guest opinion on Tridev

The concept of Trinity in Hinduism can be a very beautiful quote if understood properly. The way the ruling system works today in the current quote seems to be happening in the Trinity as well. As the work of all the deities is divided, on the basis of their special qualities. Just like Lord Vishkarma is the special deity of creation and his genealogy also runs according to his work. In Ramayana, both Nal and Neel were descendants of Lord Vishwakarma.

Usually, whenever there is an ideological agreement, its differences also come to the fore from time to time. But in the context of Tridev, the unity shown by various sects is still intact. Today we do not get confused whether Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are all three different? Instead, we say that these three are different forms of the same God.

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