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रघुकुल रीत सदा चली आई | प्राण जाए पर वचन न जाई ||

A promise which all the kings of Raghukul kept its honor, but if we talk about Lord Rama, then he kept this promise and gave a new dimension to the value of this promise. Whenever we hear the name of Ram, the image of such a person is formed in everyone’s mind, who is calm, gentle and comfortable by nature. Who has a bow in his hand and a quiver on his shoulder. Which is the culmination of restraint and patience, such is the character of Lord Rama.

Lord Rama - 8th Incration of Lord Vishnu

There are 10 avatars in Hinduism. It is believed that when adharma reigns on the earth, Lord Vishnu incarnates in different forms on earth to destroy the unrighteousness. If you read all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, you will find that whenever the rule of adharma has increased, then Lord Vishnu has destroyed the adharma by appearing on the earth through the incarnation.

According to the belief of Hindu religion, Lord Rama is considered to be the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama had incarnated in Treta Yuga to kill Lankapati Ravana. When Lankapati Ravana had acquired immense strength from his tenacity, then he started on the path of unrighteousness. He started destroying religion in every way. Then on the request of the gods, Lord Vishnu took his eight more incarnation in the house of Maharaja Dasharatha.

lord rama

Birth of Lord Rama

नौमी तिथि मधु मास पुनीता। सुकल पच्छ अभिजित हरिप्रीता॥

मध्यदिवस अति सीत न घामा। पावन काल लोक बिश्रामा॥

Tulsidas describes the birth of Lord Rama through this verse. They tell that Chaitra was the holy month, Navami was Tithi, Shukla Paksha and noon time when there was neither too much cold nor too much hot. Then Lord Rama incarnates in Ayodhya at the place of Maharaja Dasharatha & Mata Kaushilya. Devi Kaushilya was the first wife of Maharaja Dasharatha. Maharaj Dasaratha says about Devi Kaushilya that she is his consciousness.Ayodhya today is located in the present-day state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Lord rama childhood images

Education of Lord Rama

When Lord Rama grewup, the Maharaja Dashrath sent him to the ashram of Guru Vashistha for education. Guru Vashistha Maharaj was also the total guru of Dasharatha. There are many descriptions of Guru Vashistha in Hinduism. In the Ramayana, Guru Vashistha is considered the son of Brahma. Guru Vashistha is also called Trikaldarshi. Lord Rama took all kinds of education from them.

Marriage Event of Lord Rama

When Lord Rama returns to his palace after receiving education from Guru Vashistha’s ashram, after some time Vishwamitra comes to Maharaja Dasharatha’s place and Lord Rama asks Lakshmana to take him with him for the safety of his yagya. Maharaja Dasharatha had absolutely no desire that Lord Rama should go with Maharishi Vishwamitra, but he could not even defy his orders. Vishwamitra tells Maharaja Dasharatha that both Rama and Lakshmana will return with some.

When Lord Rama and Lakshmana go along with Maharishi Vishwamitra to protect their yagya, then on the way they kill a demon named Taraka. Apart from this, he also saves Goddess Ahilya. There is a story that  Ahilya was cursed by her husband, Rishi Gautam, due to which she turned to stone. When Lord Rama touched the stone idol of Ahilya with his feet, she again assumed human body and went to her husband Maharishi Gautam. After that he helps Maharishi Vishwamitra to complete the Yagya and during that time he kills many demons.

Meanwhile, he receives a letter from Maharaja Janak, in which he requests Maharishi Vishwamitra to attend the swayamvara of his daughter Sita. Which Maharishi Vishwamitra readily accepts. Then he takes both Lord Rama and Lakshman along and goes to attend the swayamvara of Goddess Sita as a guest.

Condition of Maharaja Janak for Sita Marriage

Maharaja Janak had put a condition for his marriage to his daughter Sita, according to which the participant who lifts the bow of Lord Shiva and plucks a string on it, Goddess Sita will accept him as her bridegroom.

Maharaja Janak took this resolution when one day he saw that Goddess Sita was cleaning the place of worship by lifting the bow of Lord Shiva with one hand. Then Maharaja Janaka made a promise that whoever lifts the bow of Lord Shiva and plucks a string on it will be eligible for Sita’s groom.

It is said that Lord Shiva gave his bow to Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Parshuram gave that bow to King Janak.

lord ram and devi sita marriage event

When the Swayamvara started, all the participants of the country and abroad tried to lift the bow of Lord Shiva, but all failed. When all the participants were unsuccessful, then Maharaja Janak felt very sad and he even said in the meeting that today I realized that this meeting was empty of heroes. Hearing this word of his, Lakshman ji gets angry and he expresses dissatisfaction with Maharaja Janak. Later Maharaj Janak apologizes to everyone for this behavior.

When Maharaja Dasharatha goes to Janakpur to attend the marriage of Lord Rama, Maharaja Janak proposes the marriage of his second daughter and two daughters of his brother with the sons of Maharaja Dasharatha, which Maharaja Dasharatha gladly accepts. Then the marriage of the four brothers takes place together in Janakpur itself.

Laxman Parshuram dialogue after bow breaks

When Lord Rama is offering a bow on the bow, then the bow breaks due to which there is a very loud sound whose sound is heard by Lord Parashurama and he becomes very angry with this incident and he attends the meeting of Maharaja Janak. They reach where they have an argument with Lakshman ji who is heard a lot.

Coronation of Lord Ram

When Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after marriage, he started telling his hand in the affairs of Maharaja Dasharatha. Then one day when Maharaja Dasharatha saw his face in the mirror, he found that his beard and hair were turning white and he understood the sign of time and decided that now he will hand over his power to his sons. After consulting his ministers, he decided that he would hand over his power to his eldest son Ram. There was a lot of enthusiasm among the public with his proposal because everyone wanted Lord Rama to become the king of Ayodhya.

A discussion which is said a lot about Lord Rama, when the messenger of Maharaja Janak came to Ayodhya, he embellished the might of Lord Rama in very beautiful words. Then Maharaja Dasharatha asked, have you really seen my son Ram?

On this the messenger of Maharaja Janak says, Yes Maharaj. Then Maharaja Dasharatha says that tell me, how did you recognize Ram? On which the messenger of Maharaja Janak was a little surprised that what is this question, then Maharaja Dasharatha says that Rama is always recognized by his nature.

Lord Rama's exile

The exile of Lord Rama is one of the most tragic events of Ramayana. The description of Lord Rama’s exile is described by the people of Ayodhya in such a way that the Lord gave poison by showing a cup of nectar. When Maharaja Dasharatha announced that the next morning we would declare Lord Rama as the king of Ayodhya and he would be crowned tomorrow. So Manthara, the maid of Kaikeyi, the youngest queen of Maharaj Dasaratha, was very unhappy with this. He also impressed Queen Kaikeyi with his devious intellect. Then on the behest of Manthara, Maharani Kaikeyi asks Maharaja Dasharatha for her two boons.

In her first boon, she asks for the kingdom of Ayodhya for India.

And with another boon, she asks for 14 years of exile for Lord Rama.

lord rama's exile

When Maharaja Dasharatha knew Kaikeyi’s wish, he was quite speechless. He begged Queen Kaikeyi to at least take back your boon of sending Rama to exile. When the queen did not obey, then Maharaja Dasharatha had lost his consciousness. When Lord Rama came to know about this, he said very simply – just such a thing. You were giving so much trouble to your mind for such a small thing. Maharaj Dasaratha was very constrained at that time because if he refuses to fulfill the boon of Queen Kaikeyi, then there will be a stain on Raghukul’s rituals.

When Lord Rama was ready to go to the forest, then Mother Sita and Lord Rama’s younger brother Lakshman also insisted on going with him and then Lord Rama, mother Sita and Lakshman ji all three leave for the forest.

There was so much love among people for Lord Rama that when Lord Rama’s palanquin left for exile, the whole of Ayodhya went to exile with him.

The story of Nishadraj and Lord Rama

When Lord Rama left Ayodhya for exile, he first met Raja Maharaj Guh of Ringverpur. When Lord Rama left Ayodhya for exile, Sumanta was also with him and the army of Ayodhya was also with him. When Lord Rama enters the border of Ringverpur, at that time the detective of Ringverpur informs his Maharaj Guha of an attack. Guha was the king of Nishad. When Maharaj Guha got the information that there was a possibility of any kind of attack on his kingdom, then Nishadraj Guha prepared his army and went for war. Then when Lord Rama and Nishadraj Guha interact with each other, the misconception of Nishadraj Guha gets cleared and he gets filled with slurry. Lord Rama then proceeds by being friendly with them.

The story of Kevat and Lord Rama

When Maharaj proceeds to meet Guha, he next meets Kewat. Lord Rama had to cross the Ganges and go to the other side and the affair between him and Kevat to cross the Ganges is quite pleasurable.

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