Guru Drona or Dronacharya is considered one of the greatest gurus of India. He is one of the few gurus in the world whose disciple increased his respect. Everyone knows Arjuna in Mahabharata, and that Arjuna has an identity as “Drona ShishyaArjuna”. Although he was the teacher of the entire Kuru dynasty, Arjuna was his most favorite disciple among them all. Although he was a great scholar of religion, but showing loyalty to his king, he fought on behalf of the Kauravas in the Mahabharata. He led the Kaurava army after Bhishma Pitamah in the Mahabharata. His life was full of ups and downs. Due to his decision in many places, people condemn him even today, while for some of his decisions, people still praise him. We should know all the incidents related to his life and also his side.

guru dronachrya

Early Life of Dronacharya

Birth of Dronacharya:-

Dronacharya was not born like a normal child. Actually, once Bharadwaj Rishi saw an Apsara named Ghritachi on the bank of a river. Seeing them he was filled with desire and his seed fell in a pot. Later a baby developed in it which was named Drona. He was named Drona because he was born in a vessel.

Mother & Father of Dronacharya:- 

Dronacharya was the son of sage Bhardwaj. His mother’s name was Ghritachi. Rishi Bhardwaj used to run Gurukul.

Education of Dronacharya:-

His father Rishi Bhardwaj used to run Gurukul. That’s why his early education took place in Bharadwaj’s ashram. He befriends Dhrupad in Bharadwaj Ashram. When both leave the Gurukul, they promise to help each other whenever someone is in trouble or in need. Later Dhrupad becomes the king of Panchal and Dronacharya remains a poor Brahmin as he was not interested in materialistic things at that time.

Later he went to the shelter of Lord Parshuram for the education of Divyastra. He had received the education of Divyastra with the blessings of Lord Parshuram.

Family Member of Dronacharya :- 

Guru Dronacharya was married to Kripi, and they had a son named Ashwathama. Ashwathama is also one of the main characters in the Mahabharata.

Insult of Guru Dronacharya :-

The financial condition of Guru Dronacharya was not good. One day he saw that his wife Krupi was feeding Ashwathama milk in the form of crushed rice mixed with water. Seeing this, he remembers his childhood friend Dhrupad, who had promised to help him whenever he needed it. Thinking this, he goes to Dhrupad’s court and reminds Dhrupad of his oath of friendship.

Dhrupad was the king of Panchal at that time, and Guru Dronacharya was a poor Brahmin. Dhrupad became proud of his prosperity and refused to accept Dronacharya as his friend. Although he talked about helping Dronacharya but with a feeling of kindness. Guru Dronacharya feels very inferior by such talk of his friend and he rejects Dhrupad’s help.

Accepting to be the Guru of the Kuru dynasty

When he refused to take help from Dhrupad, he accepted to become the guru of the Kuru dynasty in order to support his family. He made the sons of King Pandu and Dhritarashtra of Kuru dynasty as his disciples and gave them the best education of that time. Arjuna was the son of King Pandu and he had a special interest in bow learning. Both Bhima and Duryodhana had special interest in mace fighting. Dharmaraj Yudhishthira was given special training in spear because he was more interested in it. He gave excellent education to all the princes of Kuruvansh. Arjuna is still considered the best of archery. In the mace war, both Bhima and Duryodhana are considered great warriors.

However, when he taught the princes of the Kuru dynasty in his ashram, he also taught his son Ashwathama along with them. He had deep love for his son Ashwathama. Due to this love, he also taught him how to use Brahmastra, but Ashwathama could not acquire the knowledge to take back Brahmastra.

Story of Eklavya and Guru Dronacharya

Whenever we talk about Guru Dronacharya, two names related to him come first in our mind. One is Arjun and the other is Eklavya.

In which the incident of Eklavya is slightly different. Eklavya was Bhil by caste and he also had special interest in learning archery. He goes to Guru Dronacharya to learn archery. Guru Dronacharya refuses to teach Eklavya. He says that at this time he is the guru of the Kuru dynasty and it is his duty to be loyal to the Kuru dynasty. He will not give any kind of education to anyone other than the Kuru dynasty.

Ekalavya returns after listening to his words, but because of his interest in archery, he continues to practice it. He installs the idol of Guru Dronacharya considering him as his guru and learns archery.

One day when Guru Dronacharya sees that a dog’s mouth is full of arrows, when he goes to him, Eklavya is there and he says that he has done this work and he got all these knowledge considering you as his teacher. Is.

Then Guru Dronacharya asks for Guru Dakshina from him, then he promises that he will definitely give whatever they ask for. Then Dronacharya asks him for the thumb of his right hand. Eklavya donates his right thumb to him with moist eyes.

On this, Guru Dronacharya tells Eklavya about his sadness, you are sad because I asked you for your thumb in charity. Eklavya gives a very great answer to this – I am not sad because you have asked me for my thumb, but I am sad because I could only give my thumb as your Dakshina.

Guru Dronacharya is greatly impressed by this talk of Eklavya and blesses him that whenever it comes to archery, your name will be taken with great respect and the world will know you as a great archer.

guru dronacharya and eklavya

Revenge of insult from Dhrupad

When the education of all the Kuru princes is completed, then according to the Guru Shishya tradition of that time, the disciple gives Guru Dakshina to the Guru. Guru Dronacharya orders to bring Dhrupad as a prisoner in Guru Dakshina. He first gives this order to Kauravas and then Kauravas fight with Hastinapur’s army from Dhrupad and they lose this battle.

Then Dronacharya gives the same order to the Pandavas and they go to war without taking the army of Hastinapur. In that war, he takes Dhrupad as a prisoner by order of Guru Dronacharya and takes him to his ashram. According to the war rules of that time, the loser had to accept slavery. Instead of making him his slave, Dronacharya accepts him as a friend by giving him half his kingdom again.

Role of Dronacharya in Mahabharat

When the war of Mahabharata was decided that this great war would take place between Pandavas and Kauravas, then all the people took part in this war according to their religion and duty. Guru Dronacharya was a very knowledgeable person, he knew the difference between religion and unrighteousness very well. He knew that Dharma is on the side of Pandavas but he also knew that whatever they have today is only because of Kuru dynasty or Maharaj Dhritarashtra. Then giving priority to his duty, he decided to fight in favor of the Kauravas.

guru dronacharya in mahabharat

He fought on the side of the Kauravas as a great charioteer until his grandfather Bhishma remained the commander-in-chief. Then when Bhishma Pitamah lay down on Bano’s bed, the Kauravas appointed him as their chief commander. Guru Dronacharya creates the Chakravyuh to make the Kauravas victorious in the war. Only Arjun could break this Chakravyuh made by him in that war. Later in this Chakravyuh, Fashkar Abhimanyu dies. He also kills his Gurukul’s friend Dhrupad in this war. Dhrupad fights on behalf of the Pandavas in this war. Guru Dronacharya also died in this great war.

Death of Dronacharya

When the army of Pandavas started weakening under the leadership of Guru Dronacharya in the holy war of Mahabharata, then Lord Krishna understood that if Dronacharya did not die then the victory of Pandavas is not possible. Keeping this in mind, he makes a plan. In which he announces that Aswathama, the son of Guru Dronacharya was killed. When Guru Dronacharya hears this, he throws away his weapon and sits on the ground in the same battlefield. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Drishtyadum (son of Dhrupad) beheads him after finding him devoid of weapons.

Why was Dronacharya killed by Dhrishtadyumna only?

There is also a story behind this that when Pandavas, on the orders of Dronacharya, presented Dhrupad as a prisoner in front of them. Then Dhrupad took it as an insult and performed a yagya to take revenge from him. Dhrishtadyumna was born from the same yagya. Dhrupad tells Dhrishtadyumna about his insult and says that he wants to kill Guru Dronacharya for this insult. Then one day when Acharya Drona was sitting in a gathering, Dhrupad asked his son Dhrishtadyumna to ask him for desired blessings.

Dronacharya knew what Dhrishtadyumna would ask for a boon, but still he gave Dhrishtadyumna the desired boon.

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