Rigveda – First Mandala (Second Sukta)

Vayu, Indravayu, Mitra and Varunadevata have been worshiped in the second Sukta of the first division of Rigveda. His sages are Madhuchhanda and Vaishvamitra. The verses used in these are Gayatri. There are total 9 mantras in the second sukta also. These 9 mantras are given below with their explanation.

वायवा याहि दर्शते मे सोमा अरंकृताः । तेषा पाहि श्रुधी हवम् ॥ 1 ॥

Rishi says – O Priyadarshi Vayo (Vayudev)! After listening to our call, you come to the place of Yagya, the refined Som is presented for you. You drink it

वाय उक्थेभिर्जरन्ते त्वामच्छा जरितारः । सुतसोमा अहर्विदः ॥ 2 ॥

Rishi says in this mantra – Hey Vayo! Those who perform Soma, the knower of its qualities, praise you in the best way with their hymns.

वायो तव प्रपृञ्चती धेना जिगाति दाशुषे । उरूची सोमपीतये ॥ 3 ॥

Rishi says – Hey Vayo! Your soul-touching voice praising Som reaches the beggars desirous of drinking Som.

इन्द्रवायु इमे सुता उप प्रयोभिरा गतम् । इन्दवो वामुशन्ति हि || 4 ||

Invoking both Indra and Vayu through this mantra, the sage says – O Indra and Vayo, who come with food etc.! This Soma is consecrated for you and it is going to fulfill the desires of both of you.

वायविन्द्रश्च चेतथः सुतानां वाजिनीवसू । तावा यातमुप द्रवत् ॥ 5 ॥

Rishi says – Hey Indra and Vayo! You both are connoisseurs of Somras containing wealth and food, so come quickly to this yagya.

वायविन्द्रश्च सुन्वत आ यातमुप निष्कृतम्। मक्ष्वि त्था धिया नरा || 6 ||

Rishi says – Hey Vayo! Hey Indra! Come near the soma researched by the host. For this you are omnipotent.

मित्रं हुवे पूतदक्षं वरुणं च रिशादसम् । धियं घृताचीं साधन्ता ॥ 7 ॥

With this mantra the sage says – We invoke brothers and Varuna. He is the one who showers life like aloe and gives us strength and destroys our enemies.

ऋतेन मित्रावरुणा वृत्तावृधावृतस्पृशा । क्रतुं बृहन्तमाशाथे ॥ 8 ॥

Rishis say – Mitra and Varuna, who fulfill our virtuous deeds with truth, are going to get growth from truth.

कवी नो मित्रावरुणा तुविजाता उरुक्षया। दक्षं दधाते अपसम् ॥ 9 ॥

Through this mantra, sages say – Mitra and Varuna, who reside in many places, inspire actions through water, give confirmation to our abilities, actions and rights, and Varuna are omnipresent, prudent and powerful.

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