Rigveda – First Mandala (Third Sukta)

Ashwini Kumar, Indra, Vishwadev and Mata Saraswati have been worshiped in the third Sukta of the first division of Rigveda. His sages Madhuchchhanda and Vishwamitra. The verses used in these are Gayatri. The total number of mantras in these is 12. All mantras are given below with explanation.

अश्विना यज्वरीरिषो द्रवत्पाणी शुभस्पती । पुरुभुजा चनस्यतम् ॥ 1 ॥

In the first mantra of the Third Sukta, Rishi Ashwini Kumar is invoked. They say – The guardian of auspicious deeds, the one who completes the tasks quickly, O Ashwini Kumaro with huge arms! May you be well satisfied by the offerings of the Yajna dedicated by us.

अश्विना पुरुदंससा नरा शवीरया धिया । धिष्ण्या वनतं गिरः || 2 ||

Here the sage says – O Ashwini Kumaro, who accepts our requests with his superior intelligence! You are very patient, intelligent and do various deeds.

दस्त्रा युवाकवः सुता नासत्या वृक्तबर्हिषः | आ यातं रुद्रवर्तनी ॥ 3 ॥

Rishis say – O Ashwini Kumars, who have truthful speech, disease killer, enemy killer like Rudra, who walk on the path of misery! Arriving here, being situated on bad governance, drink the filtered Somras.

इन्द्रा याहि चित्रभानो सुता इमे त्वायवः । अण्वीभिस्तना पूतासः ॥ 4 ॥

The sages say – O Indra, endowed with supernatural radiance, endowed with purity and purified by the fingers, this Somras has been kept for you. You come here to drink this Somras.

इन्द्रा याहि धियेषितो विप्रजूतः सुतावतः । उप ब्रह्माणि वाघतः ॥ 5 ॥

Here the sage prays to Indra and says – O Indra, prayed by the best intellect, you are invited by the stotas who prove Soma. Knowing their praise, you enter the place of sacrifice.

इन्द्रा याहि तूतुजान उप ब्रह्माणि हरिवः । सुते दधिष्व नश्चनः ॥ 6 ॥

Sage says – O Ashwayukta Indra! You come soon to the place of sacrifice, listen to our praises and accept the oblations offered by us.

ओमासश्चर्षणीधृतो विश्वे देवास आ गत दाश्वांसो दाशुषः सुतम् ॥ 7 ॥

Sage says – O Vishvedevo, the one who provides security and prosperity to all, the foundation of all beings! Come to the sacrifice of this sacrifice.

विश्वे देवासो अप्तुरः सुतमा गन्त तूर्णयः । उस्रा इव स्वसराणि ॥ 8 ॥

Sages say – O gods of the world, we are going to get moving like the rays of the sun! You are hardworking and quick to work.

विश्वे देवासो अस्त्रिध एहिमायासो अद्रुहः । मेधं जुषन्त वह्नयः ॥ 9 ॥

The sages say – O gods of the world, who are present in our Yajna and receive food and food! You are not killed by anyone, pleasant, capable of work and free from malice.

पावका नः सरस्वती वाजेभिर्वाजिनीवती । यज्ञं वष्टु धियावसुः ॥ 10 ॥

The sages say – O Saraswate, the giver of wealth and food, opulence and the purifier! You make our Yagya successful through knowledge and deeds.

चोदयित्री सूनृतानां चेतन्ती सुमतीनाम्। यज्ञं दधे सरस्वती ॥ 11 ॥

Rishis say – Goddess Saraswati, who gives us the desired fruit (glory) by accepting this Yagya of ours, is the one who enlightens the best intellect, inspires us to speak truth and beloved speech and makes the Yagyanushthan successful.

महो अर्णः सरस्वती प्र चेतयति केतुना । धियो विश्वा वि राजति ॥ 12 ॥

Sages say – Goddess Saraswati, who awakens everyone’s intelligence and sharpens the knowledge of the petitioners, is going to make the ocean of knowledge flow.

Note – For the first time in Rigveda, Mata Saraswati is described in Mantra number 10 to 12 in the third Sukta of the first division. Mata Saraswati is one of the trinity and she is the goddess of learning.

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