Samaveda (Poorvaarchik) | Frist Chapter | Agney Kand – 4th Dashti

In the 4th Dashti of the Frist Chapter (Agney Kand) of Samaveda (Poorvaarchik) there is also a mantra for the worship of Agni Dev. His sages are Shanyuvarhaspatya, Bharga, Vasistha, Praskanava and Kanva. The verses used in these are extensive. There are total 10 mantras in it.

यज्ञायज्ञा वो अग्नये गिरागिरा च दक्षसे । प्र वयममृतं जातवेदसं प्रियं मित्रन्न शंसिषम् ॥ 1 ॥

Rishis say – Beloved like a friend, growing in sacrifices, immortal and everywhere people chanting the praises of Agni, gain strength.

पाहि नो अग्न एकया पाहयू३त द्वितीयया । पाहि गीर्भिस्तिसृभिरूज पते पार्हि चतसृभिर्वसो ॥ 2 ॥

Rishi says – O fire! protect us completely. You are the owner of all knowledge and the innermost, containing all the Vedas.

बृहद्भिरग्ने अर्चिभिः शुक्रेण देव शोचिषा । भरद्वाजे समिधानो यविष्ठय रेवत् पावक दीदिहि ॥ 3 ॥

In this verse, fire has been called the purifying deity. Here the name of sage Bhardwaj has also been used. Sages pray to Agni Dev and say – O effulgent, purifying, Agni endowed with all virtues! Enlighten us too by being the most brilliant and opulent being who illuminates Bhardwaj with your bright effulgence.

त्वे अग्ने स्वाहुत प्रियासः सन्तु सूरयः । यन्तारो वे मघवानो जनानामूत्रं दयन्त गोनाम् ॥ 4 ॥

Rishi says in this mantra – O fire! The people who perform Yagya, respect the scholars and are ready to serve the cows, they deserve the mercy of your worshipful God.

अग्ने जिरितविंशपतिस्तपानो देव रक्षसः । अप्रोषिवान् गृहपते महां असि दिवस्पायुर्दुरोणयुः ॥ 5 ॥

Rishi says – O fire! You are the sustainer of all beings, the creator of the worldly home, the destroyer of the sinful, the protector and lord of the worlds.

अग्ने विवस्वदुषसश्चित्रं राधो अमर्त्य । आ दाशुषे जातवेदो वहा स्वमद्या देवां उषर्बुधः ॥ 6 ||

Rishi says – O fire! You are indestructible, wide and visible. The giver of all beings, the provider of the accumulated powers of dawn and the giver of happiness and consciousness to the mind. In this mantra, sages have described fire as the one who gives happiness and consciousness to the mind.

त्वन्नश्चित्र ऊत्या वसो राधांसि चोदय । अस्य रायस्त्वमग्ने रथीरसि विदा गाधं तुचे तु नः ॥ 7 ॥

Here the sages have spoken a very scientific thing, they have called Agni Dev the lord of liquids and asked him for liquidity only for themselves. He says to Agni Dev – O fire that resides in every hair! You are the ruler of the substances, give us also the substances. O giver! Embellish our child with divine qualities, provide him with means of protection.

त्वमित्सप्रथा अस्यग्ने त्रातऋतः कविः । त्वां विप्रासः समिधान दीदित आ विवसन्ति वेधसः ॥ 8 ॥

Rishi says – O fire! You are the protector of all beings, the giver of knowledge, the remover of sorrows, the embodiment of truth and great. Meritorious people worship you with praise.

आ नो अग्ने वयोवृधं रयिं पावक शस्यम् रास्वा च न उपमाते पुरुस्पृहं सुनीती सुयशस्तरम् ॥ 9 ॥

Here the sages speak of Agni as the destroyer of sins – O holy fire, the destroyer of sins and the creator of the universe! Give us good health and long life by bestowing us with good wealth through your best policy.

यो विश्वा दधते वसु होता मन्द्रो जनानाम्। मधोर्न पात्रा प्रथमान्यस्मै प्र स्तोमा यन्त्वग्नये ॥ 10 ॥

Here, in the 10th Mantra of the 4th Dashati, while praising Agni Dev, the sage says – We praise Agni, the giver of wealth like a pot of honey, may he receive this praise.

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