Samaveda (Poorvaarchik) | Frist Chapter | Agney Kand – 3rd Dashti

The 3rd Dashti of Frist Chapter (Agney Kand) of Samaveda (Poorvaarchik) is also dedicated to Agni Dev. His sages are Prayog, Bhardwaj, Vamdev, Vasishtha, Virupa, Shunashep, Gopavan, Praskanva, Medhatithi, Sindhudweep, Ambareesh and Trit Atyo or Ushana. The verses used in these are Gayatri. There are total 14 mantras in it.

अग्निं वो वृधन्तमध्वराणां पुरूतमम् । अच्छा नप्त्रे सहस्वते ॥ 1 ॥

Here the sage is asking the people to go to the shelter of Agni Dev for the sake of their sons and grandsons. He says – For the attainment of sons and grandsons, go to the shelter of the fire, which is strong and strong with flames. Hey humans! Praise him.

अग्निस्तिग्मेन शोचिषा यंसद्विश्वं न्य३त्रिणम् । अग्निर्नो वंसते रयिम् ॥ 2 ॥

Sages say – Agni is the one who removes sins and obstacles with its fierce and sharp flames and gives wealth and glory.

अग्ने मृड महां अस्यय आ देवयुंजनम् । इयेथ बर्हिरासदम् ॥ 3॥

Rishi says – O fire! You are great and situated in all places. You are going to keep the wealthy and knowledgeable person happy in every way.

अग्ने रक्षा णो अंहसः प्रति स्व देव रीषतः । तपिष्ठरजरो दह ॥ 4 ॥

The sages are praying to Agni Dev through this mantra to get rid of their violent thoughts. They say – O fire! Protect us from sin and burn our violent thoughts with your malevolent fire.

अग्ने युंग्क्ष्वा हि ये तपाश्वासो देव साधवः । अरं वहन्त्याशवः ॥ 5 ॥

Here the sage prays to Agni Dev for the attainment of knowledge and says – O Agni! Scholars are well acquainted with your glory and incorporate the knowledge provided by you. Surrender such knowledge to everyone.

नि त्वा नक्ष्य विश्पते द्यु मंतं धीमहे वयम्। सुवीरमग्न आहुत ॥ 6 ॥

Rishi says – O fire! You are the object of worship and the owner of wealth. Those who praise you, only they get all kinds of happiness.

अग्निर्मूर्द्धा दिवः ककुत्पतिः पृथिव्या अयम्। अपां रेतांसि जिन्वति ॥ 7 ॥

In this mantra, sages say – The God who gives life to the movable creatures in the form of fire and water is the best among the great gods of heaven and the Supreme God of the earth.

इममूषु त्वमस्माकं स नि गायत्र्यं नव्यांसम्। अग्ने देवेषु प्र वोचः ॥ 8 ॥

Here the sage says – O fire! You make scholars understand this Veda worthy of worship and bestow such knowledge which is worth remembering daily.

तन्त्वा गोपवनो गिरा जनिष्ठदग्ने अंगिरः । स पावक श्रुधी हवम् ॥ १ ॥

Here the sage is praying to Agnidev to listen to his request. They say – O fire! You are moving everywhere. Wise men increase you with words of praise. You listen to our request.

परि वाजपतिः कविरग्निर्हव्यान्यक्रमीत् । दधद्रत्नानि दाशुषे ॥ 10 ॥

Rishis say – God who is the doer of poetry, strong, decorated with gems etc., is constantly dynamic in all the sacred things.

उदुत्यं जातवेदसं देवं वहन्ति केतवः । दृशे विश्वाय सूर्यम् ॥ 11 ॥

Sages say – The rays of the sun for the sake of the living beings illuminate the Jatveda solar fire.

कविमग्निमुपस्तुहि सत्यधर्माणमध्वरे। देवममीवचातनम् ॥ 12 ॥

In this mantra, sages have said while ordering humans to meditate on God – O humans! Meditate on God who is the bearer of truth and the remover of ignorance.

शन्नो देवीरभिष्टये भवन्तु पीतये। शं योरभि स्त्रवन्तु नः ॥ 13 ॥

Sages have prayed to Agni Dev to get welfare happiness through this mantra. They say – May the supernatural personalities of fire be beneficial for us for the achievement of our desired and always shower happiness on us.

कस्य नूनं परीणसि धियो जिन्वसि सत्पते । गोषाता यस्य ते गिरः ॥ 14 ॥

Here the sage while worshiping Agni Dev says – O Agni! You who complete the knowledge of the ignorant, are the protector of such gentlemen who praise you with the hymns of Vedavanis.

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