Atharvaveda | First Kand (3rd & 4th Sukt)

Atharvaveda Frist Kand - Third Sukta

In the third Sukta of the first Kanda of Atharveda, prayer has been made to Parjanya Devta. His sage is Atharva. In this, verse-line, anushtup has been used. Here urine is said to come out of the body as a waste material. Those who do not pass urine will have to face the disease.

विमा शरस्य पितरं पर्जन्यं शतवृष्ण्यम्। तेना ते तन्वे शं करं पृथिव्यां ते निषेचनं बहिष्टे अस्तु बालिति ॥ 1 ॥

Through this verse, the sage talks about the destruction of urine related diseases. He says – Shar’s father is a cloud with hundreds of powers and the power of soul. This we know very well. Hey patient! With that arrow we cure your diseases related to urine. The urine stuck in your body should come out.

विद्मा शरस्य पितरं मित्रं शतवृष्ण्यम् । तेना ते तन्वे शं करं पृथिव्यां ते निषेचनं बहिष्टे अस्तु बालिति ॥ 2 ॥

In this verse also it has been said to destroy urine related diseases. The sages say – We know the sun, the friend of Shar, who is extremely mighty and has infinite power, having hundreds of powers. O sick man! We destroy your disease with this arrow. Your urine stuck in the stomach should come out and you may increase on earth

विद्मा शरस्य पितरं वरुणं शतवृष्ण्यम् । तेना ते तन्वे शं करं पृथिव्यां ते निषेचनं बहिष्टे अस्तु बालिति ॥ 3 ॥

In this verse also the matter of urine patient has been mentioned. Here the body containing urine is said to be impure. Sages say – We know father Varun, who has hundreds of powers of enemy-killing Shar (arrow). O disease victim! We cure your diseases with this arrow. Urine will come out soon and purify your body. May you increase greatly on earth.

विद्मा शरस्य पितरं चन्द्रं शतवृष्ण्यम्। तेना. ते तन्वे शं करं पृथिव्यां ते निषेचनं बहिष्टे अस्तु बालिति ॥ 4 ॥

In this verse also the matter of urinary disease has been mentioned. The sages say – We know the moon, the father of that Shar, who has hundreds of powers, the eternal semen, the giver of joy and the one who gives strength to the living beings by nourishing food and medicines with his rays on the earth. With such Shar we cure diseases. The urine came out of the body making noises.

विद्मा शरस्य पितरं सूर्यं शतवृष्ण्यम्। तेना ते तन्वे शं करं पृथिव्यां ते निषेचनं बहिष्टे अस्तु बालिति ॥ 5 ॥

The sage says through this verse – We know the sun as the father of Shar, the water  with hundreds of powers, very strong, mighty and shining brightly. Hey Patient! With this Shar we remove the diseases of your body. The abdominal contamination on the earth should come out with intensity.

यदान्त्रेणु गवीन्योर्यद्वस्तावधि संश्रुतम् । एवा ते मूत्रं मुच्यतां बहिर्बालिति सर्वकम् ॥ 6 ॥

In this verse also there has been talk of a patient related to urine. Here the benefits of urinating and the disadvantages of not urinating have been explained. Sages say – immaterial urine stuck in the body gives pain and removing it gives peace. The urine that is stuck in your urinary bladder and urinary tract should come out quickly while making a sound.

प्र ते भिनद्भि मेहनं वर्त्र वेशन्त्या इव। एवा ते मूत्रं मुच्यतां बहिर्बालिति सर्वकम् ॥ 7 ॥

Here the sage says to the urinary patient – O patient suffering from urinary disease! We open the path of your urine in the same way as we dig the way to take out the water of the pond.

विषितं ते वस्तिबिलं समुद्रस्योदधेरिव । एवा ते मूत्रं मुच्यतां बहिर्बालिति सर्वकम्॥ 8॥

Rishi says – O urine patient! We have made a way to take out your urine, just like a way is made to take out the water of the reservoir. Your stagnant urine should come out with a sound.

यथेषुका परापतदवसृष्टाधि धन्वनः । एवा ते मूत्रं मुच्यता बहिर्बालिति सर्वकम् ॥ १ ॥

Through the 9th verse of the third Sukta, the sage says – Just as an arrow released from a bow quickly penetrates its target, in the same way your stagnant urine should come out with a sound.

Atharvaveda Frist Kand - Fourth Sukta

In the fourth sukta of Atharveda’s First Kand, prayer has been made to the water deity. Its sage is Sindhudweep or Kriti. The verses used in this are Gayatri, Brihti. There are only 4 mantras or verses in this. In which the specialty of water has been explained.

अम्बयो यन्त्यध्वभिर्जामयो अध्वरीयताम् । प्रञ्चतीमधुना पयः ॥ 1 ॥

Through its first verse or mantra, the sage says – the benefactor of the mothers and sisters who mix milk with honey (honey) for the sake of the yagya, moves to the place of the yagya.

अमूर्या उप सूर्ये याभिर्वा सूर्यः सह। ता नो हिन्वन्त्वध्वरम् ॥ 2 ॥

In this verse, prayer is being made to the God of water for the success of the Yagya. Rishis say – May the evaporated water living in the presence of the Sun provide strength for the successful completion of the Yagya.

अपो देवीरूप ह्वये यत्र गावः पिवंति नः । सिंधुभ्यः कत्वं हविः ॥ 3 ॥

In this verse also, sages are invoking the deity of water and saying – we invoke the presiding deity of water, who by drinking the ocean, provides Vrishtikar Havi and where the water of flowing rivers and reservoirs Our cows are satisfied by consuming it.

अप्स्वन्तरमृतमप्सु भेषजम्। अपामुत प्रशस्तिभिरश्वा भवथ वाजिनो गावो भवथ वाजिनीः ॥ 4 ॥

Here the sages, describing the virtues of water, say – the water from which preventive and restorative substances are produced, that water is full of medicines in the form of nectar. Due to his divine qualities, cows and horses become strong and do good.

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