Samaveda (Poorvaarchik) | Frist Chapter | Agney Kand – 2nd Dashti

The second Dashati of the Frist Chapter (Agney Kand) of Samaveda (Poorvaarchik) is also dedicated to Agni Dev. His sages are Ayungakshwahi, Vamdev, Gautam, Prayog, Bhargava, Madhuchchhanda, Shunashep, Medhatithi and Vatsa. The verses used in these are Gayatri. There are total 10 mantras in it.

नमस्ते अग्न ओजसे गृणन्ति देव कृष्टयः । अमेर मित्रमर्दय ॥ 1 ॥

Through this mantra, sages are requesting Agni Dev to put an end to sin, and saying – O fire (Agni Dev) ! Humans salute you, praise you to get the power of the people. You destroy sin with your power.

दूतं वो विश्ववेदसं हव्यवाहममर्त्त्यम्। यजिष्ठमृ॑जसे गिरा ।। 2 ।।

Rishi says – O fire! You are immortal, omniscient, giver of results and remover of sorrows, I praise you in the form of speech.

उप त्वा जामयो गिरो देदिशतीर्हविष्कृतः । वायोरनीके अस्थिरन् ॥ 3 ॥

Rishi says – O fire! Enlightening the atmosphere, going in your service, the praises that give knowledge get settled in it.

उप त्वाग्ने दिवेदिवे दोषावस्तर्धिया वयम्। नमो भरन्त एमसि ॥ 4 ॥

Rishi says – O fire! We are always present near you and salute you morning and evening with the best intelligence.

जराबोध तद्वितिड्डि विशेविशे यज्ञियाय । स्तोमं रुद्राय दृशीकम् ॥ 5 ॥

In this mantra the sages are exhorting people to praise Agni Dev. He says – O one who gains knowledge through praise! You praise that beautiful fire which is worshipable for every human being.

प्रतित्यंचारुमध्वरंगोपीथाय प्र हूयसे । मरुद्भिरग्न आ गहि ॥ 6 ॥

Rishi is inviting Agni Dev to participate in the Yagya through this mantra. They say – O fire! You are called upon by learned men for the protection of things in both the worlds, keeping this worldly sacrifice in mind. You come to this yagya.

अश्वन्न त्वा वारवन्तं वन्दध्या अग्निन्नमोभिः | सम्राजंतमध्वराणाम् ॥ 7 ॥

Rishi says – O fire! You are like Ashvan (Sun) who is famous as the master of sacrifices. We salute you with praises.

और्वभृगुवच्छुचिमप्नवानवदाहुवे । अग्निं समुद्रवाससम् ॥ 8 ॥

The sage says through this mantra – I praise that holy fire that pervades the sky like the learned and hard-working people living on earth.

अग्निमिन्धानो मनसा धियं सचेत मर्त्यः । अग्निमिन्धे विवस्वभिः ॥ 9 ॥

In this mantra, Agnidev has been praised in a different form, in which knowledge and yogi man have been talked about. Rishis say – Yogi men who ignite the fire unite the heart’s feelings and intellect and enlighten God with the lights of knowledge.

आदित्प्रत्नस्त्य रेतसो ज्योतिः पश्यन्ति वासरम् । परो यदिध्यते दिवि ॥ 10 ॥

In the tenth mantra of this Dashati, sages say – Yogis can easily see the supreme light of the fire that is illumining even in sun etc.

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